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 1-way valve CHK Universal coupling Y separator 2-way flanged flange valve
We, HCL TRADING AND SERVICE CO., LTD., Are specialized in supplying: Cast iron water accessories and supplies such as valves, water meters, water pumps, soft couplings EE, BE And other accessories – supplies of iron and steel.
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With the desire to serve customers better and better, HCL Trading and Service Co., Ltd with a high sense of responsibility is committed to always bring you quality products at competitive prices. And a best after sales and after-sales support policy.
We trust with our sales policy, you will get the perfect product, the optimal investment, safe and reliable.
The company is committed to providing you with:

1. Quality products
Our company is committed to selling only 100% new products in accordance with the standard grade A of the manufacturer, raw barrels, raw materials. Absolutely no sales of used, recycled, used, counterfeit or imitation goods.

2. Competitive price
We are committed to always bring you a competitive price policy. You do not need bargains to get the best purchase price and absolutely not be caught.

3. Best service
We are committed to providing you with the best after-sales warranty and after-sales support system, with a dedicated, dedicated customer service team.
HCL Trading and Service Co., Ltd would like to send our sincere thanks to all customers who have used and loved our products.
Product warranty is: to fix defects, technical problems caused by the manufacturer’s fault.
1. Warranty provisions
Products are warranted Free of charge if the warranty is valid according to the manufacturer’s regulations for each type of product (counting from the date of delivery of the product to the customer)
Warranty method:
• Products that are defective or damaged technically by the manufacturer will be repaired and replaced with 100% FREE;
• Warranty for the product operating under normal conditions.
• Warranty by guarantee card and signed contract.
• Warranty only when the product is full of stamps, labels on the product.
2. Warranty conditions
Warranty conditions are complied with by the manufacturer.
The following situations are NOT FREE WARRANTY:
• Product has expired warranty or lost warranty card.
• Warranty card is torn, erased, shaved or not in accordance with HCL regulations.
• Products damaged by external factors such as natural disasters, floods, thunderstorms, fires, accidents, misuse, inappropriate electrical power, … (The fault was not made by the manufacturer).
• Warranty does NOT include shipping and handling costs.
• In case of no warranty, if you require repair or replacement, all costs involved will be entirely customer.

In case our company does not meet the requirements of customers about technology, type and quantity. We are responsible for returning the goods to your order as soon as possible.
In order to create consistency and convenience in the process of ordering and delivering products to customers and companies, the delivery of products is regulated as follows:
1. Object of application
All customers sign contracts or confirm purchase orders for HCL products.
2. Form of delivery
• We will deliver the goods to customers through shipping service or transported by HCL.
• Upon delivery you are responsible for goods inspection. When detecting damaged, scratched, broken, distorted, or wrong goods, sign the status of goods with the delivery staff and notify us immediately for a resolution.
• After you have signed the receipt or takeover record, hand over without comment or comment on the goods. HCL is not responsible for damage, scratches, breaks, abrasions, false positives, etc. from customers.
3. Delivery time
• Available: Depending on item, HCL will deliver within 01 – 03 working days.
• In some objective cases we may delay delivery due to unforeseen conditions such as bad weather, unfavorable traffic conditions, broken vehicles on the way of delivery, problems in the process. Shipment.
• If you have any questions about shipping information, please contact the company for assistance.


1. Payment by cash
• Pay cash directly when you have a good quarter